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"Abetting mutiny, or attempting to seduce a soldier, sailor or airman from his duty"


Whoever abets the committing of mutiny by an officer, soldier, 4*[sailor or airman], in the Army, 5*[Navy or Air Force] of the 6*[Government of India] or attempts to seduce any such officer, soldier, 4*[sailor or airman] from his allegiance or his duty, shall be punished with 1*[imprisonment for life], or with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to ten years, and shall also be liable to fine.


In this section the words "officer", 8* ["soldier", 9*["sailor"] and "airman"] include any person subject to the 10*[Army Act, 11*[the Army Act, 1950 (46 of 1950)], 9*[the Naval Discipline Act, 12***the Indian Navy (Discipline) Act,1934 (34 of 1934)] 13*[the Air Force Act or 14*[the Air Force Act, 1950 (45 of 1950)]], as the case may be].


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