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"Court of Justice"


The words "Court of Jutsice" denote a Judge who is empowered by law to act judicially alone, or a body of Judges which is empowered by law to act judicially as a body, when such Judge or body of Judges is acting judicially.


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A Panchayat acting under 5*Regulation VII, 1816, of the Madras Code, having power to try and determine suits, is a Court of Justice.A.Subs. by the A. O. 1950, for s. 14.B.Subs., ibid., for s. 17.C.The words and letter "Part A" omitted by Act 3 of 1951, s. 3 and Sch.D.Subs. by s. 3 and Sch., ibid., for s. 18.E.Rep. by the Madras Civil Courts Act, 1873 (3 of 1873).